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Thursday, January 31, 2008

FEC reports are IN!!

Campaign finance reports from both candidates are finally in and although Congressman Chabot has almost twice the amount of $$$ in the bank than that of Rep. Driehaus, it is especially interesting to see where some of the money is coming from.

-Chabot has listed contributions from Ken Marchant of Carrollton, TX. For those not familiar with Mr. Marchant, he is a close ally of Tom Delay and was a member of his infamous "redistricting" class of 2003. An illegal operation which, in essence handed the Texas house back to Republicans and guaranteed a Majority the next term as well. An excerpt from Morning The Dallas Morning News follows:

"Among the Republican pickups were five freshmen from Texas: Louie Gohmert, a former state appeals court judge from Tyler; Ted Poe, a state district judge from Houston; Ken Marchant, a state legislator from Coppell; Mike Conaway, a Midland accountant and former energy business partner of George W. Bush; and Mike McCaul of Austin, a former federal prosecutor and deputy Texas attorney general."-Dallas Morning News

-Another interesting note, Mr. Chabot recieved contributions from a DC lobbyist named William Hanka who works for Ferguson Group Lobbyist, LLC. A Lobbying firm whose client list includes the City of Cincinnati. We thought it interesting that in order to get Mr. Chabot's attention, Cincinnati had to hire a Washington Lobbying Firm!!

Anyway..............read the reports for yourself, the link is here:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

with some of their biggest supporters............

The two candidates pose here with some of their biggest supporters. Mr. Chabot with longtime pal President Bush, and State Rep. Driehaus with Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and Ohio House Democratic leader Joyce Beatty.


I know it may seem a bit early for local politics.......especially in the middle of all the national chaos, but this blog will shortly be dedicated to covering the race in Ohio's First Congressional District between Steve Driehaus and Steve Chabot. The race is set to be one of the most heated and hotly contested in the nation and is sure to bring loads of entertainment for all.

So as the weeks wear on and the primaries come and go, stay tuned here for all the latest news from the campaigns.

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