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Friday, February 29, 2008

Are Catholics still mad at Chabot??

This excerpt from an October Enquirer story:

Rep. Steve Chabot is under attack from members of his own religion – Catholics.
Chabot, a Republican from Westwood, is among 10 Catholic members of Congress who are being targeted in a radio ad sponsored by Catholics United for voting against legislation to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program, known as SCHIP.
It will air primarily on Christian and talk radio stations from Monday to Wednesday, and feature a mother urging Chabot to support SCHIP, saying that voting against health care for poor children is not a "pro-life" or "pro-family" vote.
“Building a true culture of life requires public policies that promote the welfare of the most vulnerable,” said Chris Korzen, executive director of the group, said in a release. “Pro-life Christians who serve in Congress should honor this commitment by supporting health care for poor children.”

The odd thing is that Chabot voted early in his tenure, 1997 to be exact, in favor of creating SCHIP which helps provide health care for thousands of Ohio children who would otherwise go without. The question here is why the change of heart?

If you look back through Mr. Chabot's past voting record versus votes cast is recent years, you start to see a pattern. In 1994, he first ran for congress on the platform of ending tax breaks for Big Oil and Corporations which he infamously dubbed "Corporate Welfare". However, after receiving thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Oil companies, he supported vigorously the Cheney energy bill which essentially did just that.......gave millions to Big Oil and corporations through tax breaks and incentives.

Given Mr. Chabot's tendency of flip-flopping on issues on the basis of campaign cash, we don't expect this issue to go away anytime soon and to play a major role in the campaign.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

For all "O'Bama" supporters

This is the new St. Patty's day Obama shirt. Regardless of where your support will go, you have to admit it is pretty clever. For those interested you can link here:http://store.barackobama.com/Shirts_s/100.htm

They are pretty backed up though, so it may take a few weeks after you order.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

with all the talk of Patriotism.......

This has nothing to do with the First Congressional District but it is damn funny. Intoxination posted this today along with a story you can check out here http://www.intoxination.net/

Children's Health Care

This cartoon from Kelly Croy says it all...........Sure to be a hot topic of debate when the election heats up is the contrasts between the candidates regarding Children's Health Care. Rep. Driehaus has fought hard to expand programs guaranteeing insurance for Ohio children while Mr. Chabot has consistently voted against such programs (once again obliging President Bush's wishes).

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